Seasonal Stories

  • Athletes, Ambassadors And Influencers

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    As part of the Mountain Hardwear brand reinvention in 2016, we have dramatically restructured our ambassador support platform to ensure we are doing all we can to reward stewards of a healthy planet. This new initiative is designed to capture the compelling stories behind our athletes, ambassadors, and influencers and to shine a light on the inspiring stories they have to tell. Our goal is to provide financial support that will allow them to focus all of their energy on the impactful projects they dream up. We see this opportunity as an honor but also a duty as citizens of the planet. Through this program that celebrates courage, commitment and innovative thinking, we all win from the positive impact created.

  • Stretch Down


    The first down jacket designed to move the way you move. The secret is stretch material plus welded seams that expand, unlike traditional stitched seams. This unique duo makes for a more durable, form fitting comfortable jacket. It’s the first of it’s kind.

  • Days You Remember

    Crafting coffee. It’s a morning ritual we bring from the kitchen to tailgate to backpack, setting the tone for the day. Blending reliable fabrics with fresh, bold features, it’s the way our spring 2016 sportswear line injects inspiration into the everyday.

    Active Camp apparel and gear moves with you and dries fast so you can get more from your next camping trip. More bouldering, more hiking, more paddling, more comfort.

    With performance top of mind, the Progressive Trail designs and technical fabrics let you leave civilization behind for long hikes, uphill climbs, and multiple days in the wilderness.

    While the Voyager Collection infuses adventure into your daily life with clean, modern apparent and gear that moves effortlessly between your daily bike commute, international travel and a dinner out.

  • Finding Winter

    Finding Winter

    Most of the world is afraid of winter. We rush out to meet it. We can’t wait for it. As soon as the summer winds down, we can taste the anticipation. We recognize the subtle changes in light. We can feel it in the air. We can smell it coming.

    We’ve built F14 products for everyone who seeks out winter. From the Torsun Jacket to the Stretchstone Flannel, these are the products that are the go-to pieces you grab first before you head out into the snow, and the ones you won’t want to retire ten years down the road.

  • Big Mountain

    Until now, big mountain skiers like James Heim, Michelle Parker and Sam Anthamatten had to pick a side: style or performance.

    There were brands with the performance and technology they needed to survive on big mountains. And there were brands with the fit and style they wanted to wear. But none that combined the two.

    Mountain Hardwear took on snow sports with a simple goal: bring the performance of our legendary mountaineering apparel to the world of big mountain skiing. We took the fit and feel of skiwear and infused it with the exclusive technologies that set us apart.

  • The Perfect Storm

    When Tim Emmett completed the first ascent of British Columbia’s Helmcken Falls, Mountain Hardwear designers were there.

    They watched through freezing mist as Emmett swung 500 feet above the ground, negotiating 30 foot icicles, mixed rock and horrifying overhangs.

    Ice climbing is borderline masochism. The trouble starts with the conditions. The cold is a given. Then, there’s wind and water from spray and runoff. There’s snow, sleet, freezing rain and falling ice. Climbers are sweating at peak aerobic max one minute, and standing stationary on belay the next.

    It’s the perfect laboratory for winter sports apparel. If you can solve the needs of the extreme ice climber, you can translate those solutions to every outdoor athlete, from winter mountaineers to winter travelers.

    Our team worked with Emmett and competition ice climber Dawn Glanc to create the ultimate winter weather systems. These shells, insulation layers, wicking tops and accessories are built around our three best-in-class technologies: Thermal.Q Elite, Q.Shield DOWN and Dry.Q Elite.

  • Different Inside

    Outdoor people are different. We get up when others are still in bed. We run where other drive. We rush toward weather the rest of the world tried to avoid.

    Different Inside is a movement to celebrate that difference. From unique product stories to participatory consumer campaigns, Mountain Hardwear will be bringing Different Inside to the world in 2015, in-store, online and in your local community.

  • An Adventurer’s Journey

    The Adventurer's Journey

    Great trips and great products transcend records and statistics. They’re defined by the way they make you feel.

    Products that are smarter, lighter and easier to use mean less thinking about the gear and more relishing the experience along the way. Mike Libecki, Ethan Pringle and Liv Sansoz will live this idea on their journey to the border region of China and Kyrgystan. The tents, packs, sleeping bags and clothes they bring will allow them to focus on what they’re doing, not what they’re wearing.

    Their travels will take the international team through desert, a maze of sandstone towers, high plains and classic granite towers full of big wall opportunities. We will follow their approach, as well as the climbing, to illustrate the story of products that change the way the team experiences this journey of a lifetime.

  • The Running Connection

    Running is the outdoor athlete’s common denominator.

    Whether we are climbers or skiers, running plays an important role in our training regimen. The Running Connection spotlights  fitness apparel designed with the same technical and performance approach that we use on our mountaineering lines. Incorporating Cool.Q ZERO active cooling technology and Wick.Q EVAP moisture wicking technology, this apparel is as technical, adaptive and protective as the clothing we design for mountaineers.